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Drug sampling room

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Drug sampling room
  • Drug sampling room

1. Design basis:

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design Code
Architectural design code for fire protection 
Pharmaceutical industry clean factory design specification
  Clean plant design specification
Technical regulations for building smoke control
Information and technical requirements provided by Party A

2, system control, energy-saving design

A flow sensor is arranged on the total air supply pipe of the clean air treatment system, and the frequency change of the air supply fan is adjusted according to the air flow setting requirement, so as to maintain a constant air return volume of the system.
The temperature and humidity sensor is installed in the total return/exhaust pipe of the air-conditioning system, and the temperature and humidity of the room are constant by adjusting the opening degree of the cold water electric two-way regulating valve of the air cooler and the steam electric two-way regulating valve of the heater.
An in-situ differential pressure gauge is provided between different purification levels, between the purification zone and the outer corridor.

3, fire protection design

Fire pipes are installed in the air ducts through the engine room, floor slabs and fire compartments; all fire dampers and fans are linked to the fire alarm system.

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