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Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering
  • Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering: including genetic testing, recombination, sequencing

First, the genetic testing laboratory construction program

 1. The main body is color steel plate and aluminum alloy profile. All the inner and inner corners of the room are made of aluminum alloy 50 rounded aluminum, which solves the problems of easy pollution, dust accumulation and difficult cleaning. The structure is firm, the lines are concise, the appearance is generous, and the sealing is good.

 2. Standard Zone Separation and Barometric Pressure Adjustment The detection process is divided into four separate experimental zones: reagent preparation, sample preparation, PCR amplification, and high-throughput sequencing. There is an overall buffer corridor throughout the area. Each independent experimental zone is provided with a buffer zone, and at the same time, each zone is regulated by air pressure, so that the reagents and specimens are protected from aerosol contamination during the whole test and the pollution of the amplification products to people and the environment is reduced. The exhaust fan of the buffer zone and the PCR amplification zone can be exhausted outside, and an air outlet with adjustable air volume is installed on the outer wall of the experimental area and each door, and the air is ventilated to the room through the air return port.

3. Disinfection UV lamps are installed in each experimental area and buffer top and inside the transfer window for disinfection. Mobile UV lamps were also installed in each area to partially disinfect the laboratory table.

4. Mechanical chain stainless steel transfer window Reagents and specimens are transmitted through mechanical interlocking stainless steel (not recommended for electronic interlocking) transfer window to ensure that reagents and specimens are not contaminated during transfer (personal shunt).

 5. It is recommended to use PVC coiled ground or self-flowing floor on the ground. The integrity is good. Easy to clean and corrosion resistant. If there are no conditions, terrazzo floor can be used, or large tiles (at least 800MM×800MM) seams need less than 2MM.

6. Lighting Fixtures should use purification lamps to achieve the characteristics of easy cleaning and no dust accumulation.

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