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Healthy food

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Healthy food
  • Healthy food

1. Health foods include:

1. Polysaccharides: such as dietary fiber, lentinan, etc.;

2, functional sweeteners (agents): such as monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, polyol sugars, etc.;

3, functional oils (fatty acids): such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, phosphates, choline, etc.;

4, free radical scavengers: such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase;

5, vitamins: such as vitamin A vitamin C vitamin E;

6, peptides and proteins: such as glutathione, immunoglobulin, etc.;

7. Active fungi: such as polylactic acid bacteria, Bifidobacterium, etc.;

8, trace elements: such as selenium, zinc, etc.;

9, other categories: octacosanol, phytosterols, saponins (glycosides) and so on.

Second, the construction requirements

1. "Code for Design of Clean Plants" GB50 73-20 1 1. Cleanliness level of suspended particles in air, concentration of suspended particles 2. Temperature and humidity Table 6.1.4 Temperature and humidity range of clean room Room property temperature (°C) Humidity ( %) Winter, summer, winter, summer production process, clean room with temperature and humidity requirements, according to the production process requirements, the production process, no temperature and humidity requirements, clean room 20 ~ 22 24 ~ 26 30 ~ 50 50 ~ 70 personnel purification and living room 16 ~ 20 26~30 3. Pressure difference 6.2.2 The pressure difference between different clean rooms and clean areas and non-clean areas should be no less than 5Pa, and the pressure difference between clean area and outdoor should be no less than 10Pa. 4. Number of air changes 6.3.3 To ensure the air supply level of the air cleanliness level, calculate according to the relevant data in Table 6.3.3 or calculate according to the indoor dust amount. Table 6.3.3 Airflow pattern and air supply volume (static) Air cleanliness level Average wind speed (m/s) Airflow pattern type air exchange times 6 -- Non-unidirectional flow 50 to 60 7 -- Non-unidirectional flow 15 ~ 25 8~9 -- Non-unidirectional flow 10~15 Note: 1 The number of air changes is suitable for clean rooms with a floor height less than 4.0m. "Test methods for suspended particles, planktonic bacteria and sedimentation bacteria in the clean room (district) of the pharmaceutical industry" GB/T16292-16294-2010 "Design Code for Cleanrooms in the Pharmaceutical Industry" (GB50457-2008) Number of fewer sampling points for suspended particle cleanliness test

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