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Pharmaceutical GMP purification workshop
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GMP workshop

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GMP workshop
  • GMP workshop

GMP projects include: solid preparations, large infusions, blood products, veterinary drugs GMP, health foods, etc.

GMP Workshop Material The wall surface is required to be smooth and smooth, and it is easy to clean without leaving dust. Therefore, the wall surface is generally painted with high quality waterproof coating. The wall of the factory building with high cleanliness can be affixed with color steel plate material, and the junction between the inner wall surface and the ceiling should be made into a rounded corner. partition materials, generally aluminum alloy materials and color steel plate materials. In particular, clean-grade plants are made of color steel. The advantages of this material are light weight, bright and flat, easy to clean, simple to construct, and easy to transform the workshop when the production process changes. The ground material requires high strength, should be wear-resistant, smooth and flat, easy to clean, generally the existing terrazzo floor, and the epoxy floor is generally used for the factory floor with high requirements for cleanliness. Ground drainage: Ordinary floor drains are used for common buildings, clean floor drains should be used for clean-grade buildings, and floor drains should be provided for floors with high cleanliness. Windows generally use steel windows and aluminum alloy windows. The intersection of windows and walls should be angled and flow in the same direction to avoid repeated round trips.

GMP workshop construction specification: GMP pharmaceutical production quality management norms (2010)

Undertake: sales and installation of purification equipment across the country

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