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Medical equipment GMP workshop
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Second class medical equipment workshop

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Second class medical equipment workshop
  • Second class medical equipment workshop

Medical devices are widely used in A, single-use sterile medical devices

1, disposable sterile syringe; 2, disposable infusion set; 3, disposable blood transfusion device; 4, disposable anesthesia puncture package; 5, disposable intravenous infusion needle; 6, disposable sterile Injection needle; 7, disposable plastic blood bag; 8, disposable blood collection device; 9, one-time use of burette infusion device. B, orthopedic implant medical device 1, surgical implant joint prosthesis; (disposable sterile medical equipment, hearing aids, contact lenses and care solutions, in vitro diagnostic reagents, implant materials and artificial organs, 6877 interventional devices) Except for C diagnostic reagents, in vitro diagnostic reagents


The temperature and relative humidity of a clean room (zone) should be compatible with the requirements of the pharmaceutical production process. When there is no special requirement, the temperature should be controlled at 18-26o C, and the relative humidity should be controlled at 45-65%.

Second, the design of the medical device workshop pays attention to the distribution of functions, and the personnel change clothes and wash materials, and the materials are transmitted in and out. Air conditioning system design, pure water system design.

Zhongjing Global is committed to the design and construction of the GMP workshop for medical device purification workshops, serving many second-class and three-category medical device companies.

Undertake: sales and installation of purification equipment across the country

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