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GMP Training Simulation Lab

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GMP Training Simulation Lab
  • GMP Training Simulation Lab

The design, selection and installation of instruments, equipment, pipelines, etc. shall comply with GMP requirements, easy to be disassembled, disinfected or sterilized, convenient for experimental operation, maintenance and maintenance, and prevent errors and reduce pollution; the main body of the equipment shall be clean and tidy without running. , take, drip, leak, the surface of the equipment and the direct contact with the drug should be smooth, flat, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, do not chemically react with the material or adsorb the material. Production equipment that is dusty and exposed shall be closed or covered, and vacuum equipment shall be attached. The insulation layer shall be completely flattened and smooth, no particulate matter shall fall off, and it shall be resistant to washing and disinfection.

 The equipment and parts required in the laboratory need to be removed by dust removal, cleaning, disinfection and other necessary purification treatments, so as to minimize the loading and unloading, the equipment running parts should be well sealed, and the lubricant and coolant pollution can be effectively prevented. Materials; to correctly use the equipment, strictly in accordance with the standard operating procedures of the instrument, fill in the equipment and equipment records in a timely and detailed manner; should be cleaned and maintained, and achieve maximum energy saving, air purification control system operation To do a good job of running duty records, find problems in the operation in a timely manner to ensure normal use. The outer packaging requirements of the experimental materials and materials are in good condition, no moisture, mixed mold, and all kinds of marks are complete with inspection certificate before they can be used; materials should be cleaned or treated in the preparation room; materials and tools entering the laboratory Instruments, parts, equipment, etc. shall be cleaned, dusted, disinfected and other necessary purification treatments; the raw and auxiliary materials used in the experiment shall be packed tightly and the signs shall be obvious. The inner and outer packaging layers shall be marked with the name, specification, manufacturer and batch number. The materials in the clean area are placed at a position that does not affect the airflow and have a clear status mark.

Laboratory personnel must keep the equipment and work area clean and tidy at all times. Clean the work surface when the work is finished. During the test operation, develop strict operating habits, prevent the spillage or atomization of the test materials, and resolutely prevent the solution or reagent from dripping or Corrosion of the ground, countertops and equipment; after use, the biological waste or pharmaceutical raw materials and other wastes must be packaged on the ground and transmitted from the transfer window. The used waste must be cleaned up and the items taken away. Air purification systems and equipment should be tested regularly, and indoor cleanliness should be tested regularly.

 Basic requirements for cleaning tools:

 It is not easy to fall off fibers and particles to prevent pollution;

 Try to use it once, otherwise it should be able to be washed and dried;

 Cleaning tools for different levels of clean areas cannot be mixed;

 Equipment and tools in the sterile area shall not be made of materials that are susceptible to microorganisms, such as wood;

 Equipment, pipes and containers after use should be cleaned in time and rinsed or disinfected with sterile water if necessary.

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