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germ-free room

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germ-free room
  • germ-free room

Instructions for use of the sterile room:

Sterile room procedure one, the construction of the sterile room: 1. The sterile room should be built in a relatively clean environment, no pollution source around. 2. The interior of the sterile room should be smooth, smooth, without unevenness or corners, etc. The wall and roof are made of impervious material, which is easy to scrub and sterilize. The console of the sterile room, the material of the chair should also be easy to clean and disinfect. 3. The indoor lighting area is large...

Basic standard for laboratory sterile rooms

Standardization Procedures and Acceptance Specifications for Sterile Chambers 1. Purpose This protocol is intended to provide a standardized procedure for aseptic processing and protection of sterile rooms. 2. Scope of application Biometric laboratory 3. Responsible person QC supervisor biometric tester 4. Definition None 5. Safety precautions Strict aseptic operation to prevent microbial contamination...

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