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Aseptic filling workshop

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Aseptic filling workshop
  • Aseptic filling workshop

The aseptic filling room is a room with controlled airborne particle concentration. It should be constructed and used to reduce indoor entrapment, generation and retention of particles. Other relevant parameters in the room such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. are required to be controlled. The following is a brief introduction:

The filling workshop excludes particulates, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space, and controls indoor temperature, cleanliness, pressure, airflow velocity and airflow distribution, noise vibration and illumination, and static electricity. An engineering discipline within a range of requirements. The room specially designed by the purification project has the performance of maintaining the cleanliness, temperature and humidity and pressure required by the original setting, no matter how the external air conditions change.

The sink is provided at the entrance of the aseptic filling workshop, and the soap dispenser is provided. The operator washes hands, changes shoes, washes the feet and enters the buffer room, and then enters the 1000-level purification operation room through the air shower. The fresh air sucked from the air intake is added with dehumidification system, primary effect filtration, medium efficiency filtration, and cooled by pipeline air conditioner. After ozone sterilization, it reaches dehumidification and temperature sterilization; then it is delivered to the purification room through high-efficiency air supply port to ensure the air in the filling section. Cleanliness. An epoxy self-leveling floor is provided on the floor of the sterile room and the buffer room. (Space disinfection is a combination of UV disinfection and ozone disinfection)

Purification principle

Air flow → initial effect purification → air conditioning → medium efficiency purification → fan air supply → pipeline → high efficiency purification air outlet → blowing into the room → taking away particles such as dust bacteria → returning blinds → initial purification. Repeat the above process to achieve the purpose of purification.

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