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Milk aseptic workshop

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Milk aseptic workshop
  • Milk aseptic workshop

Milk powder yogurt purification workshop design and decoration:

The general layout of the purification workshop is premised on the convenience of production, in line with the production process of the workshop, avoiding cross-contamination of raw materials, semi-finished products and pedestrians; the power distribution room and boiler are close to the production workshop, reducing energy consumption, and the boiler room is located at the northwest corner of the plant, so that the production workshop In its upwind position; consider the whole plant layout, fill in and fill, strive to be reasonable, economical, and fully consider the entire plant to expand production.

Appropriate gaps should be left between equipment and equipment, equipment and walls, not only to ensure easy operation, but also easy to repair and clean; because the post-fermentation temperature of yogurt products is relatively low, in order to ensure the quality of the products, after fermentation and cultivation The temperature of the post-fermentation workshop is controlled at 2~6°C, 4°C is better; the workshop is as tight as possible, the inner wall is provided with thermal insulation layer to reduce energy consumption; the dressing room is located at the entrance of the workshop, the workers first dress, after washing and disinfecting Can enter the workshop; in order to ensure product quality and workshop hygiene, workers must enter the workshop to ensure uniforms such as overalls, work caps, masks, gloves, rubber shoes, etc., before the start of work, there are special personnel to check and record; in order to facilitate transportation and reduce labor, will ferment The library and the post-fermentation bank are constructed together, and the packaged product in the packaging workshop is directly transferred to the post-fermentation tank through a conveyor belt.

According to the design scale and product plan of the factory, through material balance calculation, the demand of main raw materials and the flow and consumption of water, steam and energy in the production process per unit time can be determined, and the main materials and packaging for the whole year can be calculated accordingly. Purchase and transportation of materials and storage capacity. At the same time, through material balance, it is also possible to economically and rationally select production equipment according to the calculation value, and carry out the process layout of the workshop and the labor arrangement of each process, which is also an indispensable basis for economic analysis. Zhongjing Global Purification can provide consulting services such as consultation, planning, design, construction and decoration of milk powder yogurt purification workshop and dust-free workshop.

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