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Vaccination workshop

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Vaccination workshop
  • Vaccination workshop

Inoculation purification workshop, clean room design planning and decoration:

The inoculation is easy to cause pollution, so it is the link to control pollution and ensure the yield in the industrial production of edible fungi. The vaccination requirements include hardware and software, and the following aspects should be noted:

The inoculation room must have air conditioning equipment to keep the indoor temperature at 18~20 °C;

The floor of the inoculation room must be easy to clean, preferably with epoxy materials such as epoxy materials;

When cultivating, the cultivar is transported to the external operation area, so the room must maintain a certain positive pressure state, and the introduction of fresh air must be efficiently filtered, the indoor temperature is maintained at 10,000, and the inoculation machine area is maintained at 100;

The inoculation room must be equipped with an ultraviolet lamp or an ozone generator to periodically disinfect and sterilize the room. When installing the UV lamp, pay attention to the angle and installation position to make the inoculation room disinfect evenly and thoughtfully;

Before and after the inoculation operation, the relevant utensils and tools must be scrubbed, soaked or flame-burned with 75% alcohol;

During the inoculation operation, personnel must perform aseptically.

Zhongjing Global Purification can provide consulting services such as consultation, planning, design, construction and decoration services for inoculation purification workshops and aseptic workshops.

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