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Wolfberry processing workshop

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Wolfberry processing workshop
  • Wolfberry processing workshop

Zhongjing global purification can provide the consulting, planning, design, construction and decoration of goji barbarum processing and purification workshop and dustless workshop.

Adopt three filtration facilities of purifying laminar flow: filter the dust in the air, clean the polluted air in the closed factory; But the laminar flow facility itself does not have the sterilization function, sterilization still needs to cooperate with a large ozone generator. At present, laminar flow purification has not been popularized in the food industry (except for health care food enterprises), the main reasons are as follows: 1) laminar flow has high cost, high power consumption and high replacement cost of perishable products, which is difficult to clean and maintain. 2) the workshops of many food enterprises are mostly old-fashioned ones. For example, the use of laminar flow requires a large amount of investment in the reconstruction of the workshop, and the workshop is waste when it is rebuilt or relocated.

In order to protect food from microbial contamination, food control personnel of food enterprises usually control food from the following five aspects: 1. 2. Process control; 3. Process flow design; 4. Three-warehouse control: raw material warehouse, auxiliary material warehouse and finished product warehouse; 5. Personnel hygiene control.

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