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Food aseptic clean workshop
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Tea SC workshop

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Tea SC workshop
  • Tea SC workshop

1) Health management system

A health management system for practitioners should be established and implemented. Persons suffering from gastrointestinal infectious diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, viral hepatitis, and those suffering from active tuberculosis, purulent or exudative skin diseases that are harmful to food safety shall not engage in direct contact with food. .

Effective cleaning and disinfection methods and systems should be established to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the production sites and production equipment. The original tea juice (tea soup) tea beverage SC workshop is designed to prevent the products from being polluted during the production process. The disinfection tank at the door of the water treatment plant and the filling workshop must be cleaned and replaced regularly to maintain the effectiveness of the disinfection. The air conditioner and the clean air port should be cleaned regularly, and the tea beverage SC workshop should be kept clean.

(2) Raw material acceptance and purchase inspection and record system

For the procurement of food raw materials, food additives, food-related products, the supplier's license and product qualification certificate shall be inspected; the food materials that cannot provide the certification documents shall be inspected in accordance with food safety standards; Safety standards for food ingredients, food additives, food related products.

Food intake, food additives, and food-related product purchase inspection and record systems shall be established, and the names, specifications, quantities, supplier names, contact information, and purchase dates of food materials, food additives, and food-related products shall be recorded truthfully.

Relevant requirements for raw and auxiliary materials: The raw and auxiliary materials used should comply with relevant regulations, and bottles, barrels and covers made of recycled waste plastics should not be used; the disinfectant used should comply with the corresponding regulations of the state and have the approval number of the regulatory authority. Or food-grade certification; for drinking natural mineral water, its water source survey and evaluation, water source protection, and water source monitoring shall be carried out in accordance with the Hygienic Code for Drinking Natural Mineral Water Plants (GB/T 13727). For mineral water, the added mineral raw materials should comply with relevant regulations. Products that involve production license management in raw and auxiliary materials must purchase certified products from certified companies.

Food aseptic purification workshop operation notes:

1. Strict aseptic operation to prevent microbial contamination; the operator should first turn off the UV lamp when entering the sterile room.

2. The food aseptic laboratory shall be provided with a sterile operation room and a buffer room. The cleanliness of the aseptic operation room shall be 10,000, the indoor temperature shall be maintained at 20-24 ° C, and the humidity shall be maintained at 45-60%. The cleanliness of the clean bench should reach 100.

3, the sterile room should be kept clean, it is strictly prohibited to pile up debris to prevent pollution. Strictly prevent all sterilization equipment and media contamination, and polluters should stop using it.

4. The sterile room should be sterilized and cleaned regularly with a suitable disinfectant to ensure that the cleanliness of the sterile room meets the requirements.

5. All instruments, instruments, plates and other items that need to be brought into the sterile room should be tightly packed and sterilized by appropriate methods.

6. Before entering the sterile room, the staff must wash hands with soap or disinfectant, tea concentrate tea beverage SC workshop decoration, and then replace special work clothes, shoes, hats, masks and gloves in the buffer room (or use 70% ethanol) Wipe your hands again to enter the sterile room for operation.

7. The sterile room must be sterilized by UV irradiation of the sterile room for more than 30 minutes before use. After the operation, the sterile room should be cleaned in time and then sterilized by UV lamp for 20 minutes.

8. Before the test, the tea beverage SC workshop plan should keep the outer packaging intact and should not be opened to prevent pollution. Prior to inspection, the outer surface was disinfected with a 70% alcohol cotton ball.

9. All items with live bacteria must be disinfected before they can be washed under the tap. It is strictly forbidden to pollute the sewer.

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